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Day 15

Hang on just a holy cotton damn minute,  they've changed their approach somewhat I'd say,  wouldn't you ?  "20 seconds to comply", what's gonna be next   "bring forth the guillotine" ?  Then the directive appeared in all directions.  I mean  from everywhere it was like they'd  turned my mind into an audio/visual multimedia projector and simply slotted in a slide.

EXPLAIN : CHOICE ... ... ...

As I considered the question, a sequence of dots grew across my field of vision

.. .... ... .... ..................

As I thoke it, the words appeared briefly all around me then faded and died, 

"Choice; well, err, I suppose it's about free will ... ..."
.. .... ... .... ..................

Suddenly, there's an echo,  much larger and louder than my feeble output;

FREE WILL ... ELUCIDATE ... ... ...

Yes, yes, that's more like it, this is exactly what I'd been seeking for two weeks.  Finally after all the thorough wierdness I  had achieved 2-way communication with our new overlords.

"And, that's how it all started really, or was it, hard to tell really, when does one event begin and another end, if all is ultimately one point anyway?"

"Let's just choose this moment as the 'beginning', just for arguments sake, to simplify matters, we'll ignore the temporal mechanics and plump for the feeble fakery of good old uni-directional linear perception."

"So, there I was, about to embark on a journey well beyond the paltry limits of my currently concievable.  A journey that would take me to either end of time and back with less of the terminal tedium than you'd be forced to face on a trip to your local holiday hell island."

"As soon as they responded, as soon as I was in communication with them, everything changed.  I was no longer an  observer, remote from the action, now I was in the game, now I was a player.  Of course at this point you have to realise that I had no knowledge of future events even though they were simultaneously in my past.  With me so far ?, good, I think, err, right, stay with it."

"It was clear that we had a great deal to learn from each other; my  inate requirement to achieve a measure of control over current events was perfectly balanced by  their need for local knowledge. The age-old traversal of want to need expressed itself once more in a simple exchange: I sold them  my mind and they let me in."


Day11--Day12--Day13--Day14--Day15--Day16 Day17 Day18 Day19