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Day 11

Our time at Resource E36 is drawing to a close, the next 19 days will see many changes, and then we can hand over the responsibility to our colleges who will continue with our subject’s developments and who will closer examine the subjects destiny path way systems.   We will also hand over the monitoring of our rogue subject as are colleges are better suited to deal with this matter in a more effective and knowledgeable way, I am sure they will have fun.   We can then move onto the next Cluster and locate the next suitable Resource for integration into the food production system.   Until then we have much to do.   Primary we need to bring our subjects to a self educational level where they can continue with their teachings utilising their new Harmonious Communication skills to seek answers from the past and present and even perhaps with time the future.   Secondary we must oversee the development of our subject’s new behavioural pattern to ensure all greed and exploitation has been eradicated from this race so forward and positive development progress’s unhindered.   Tertiary we must ensure our food productions systems are complete and operational for hand over to our colleges.   Quadiary we must catalogue our findings and our data form transmittal to Resource E30 for library addition.   We must also be sure to depart from this Resource before our colleges arrive as you know we are unable to both exist in the same Space and time simultaneously.   If they arrive whilst we are still in this Resources Orb system then we will cease to exist.   This is the only draw back to working with our colleges, they do insist on utilising the sub space and time chaos dimension for their existence when they could simply adopt a more civilised and compatible dimension to conduct their business.

The time has come to change our subject’s current temporary behaviour, they have simultaneously been working and living within the population mass to allow us to better control their brains to allow the early developments of brain chemistry alterations for circuit building for their new sense of Harmonious Communication (HC).   As our subjects brains were so retarded and inhibited we needed to remove much of their natural brain activity.   We have made swift progress with these life types we are able to allow some freedom of movement, some freedom of mind.   Our subjects must start work on their new “Earth”, they no longer are identifiable by race, and they no longer identify any “Human Race” they identify occupants of Resource E36, tenants if you like as their time on this Resource is temporary but perhaps our subjects will develop enough to allow them to explore and occupy other Resources and even to become members of a real community, our community.   Their “World” is changing, the climate and weather has started to alter dramatically, and their need for protection against their climate is diminishing, apart from the need to adapt to the enhanced radiation, natural protection will develop with time.   The reduction of natural water and replacement of artificial is altering our subject’s dietary requirements and chemical make-up.   From the outside our subjects look exactly the same as they did 12 days ago, but their brains have developed (Evolution to them) and their brains will continue to develop in a new un-leashed un-stoppable frenzy, allowing their mental skills to develop and catch up with their identified point along their destiny path ways.   Our colleges will learn more.   Our subjects will work to remove all “capitalist venture” and self gain and adopt a more sympathetic life where their existence will become of one to learn and understand and one day perhaps interact, work and commune with other life type to contribute towards the decision, but this is the future and there is much time to cover before.   Much time will be spent on studies, thinking and harmonious development.   Our subjects need to adapt their new Earth to their new life, they have little or no need for privacy as most of their lives experiences and thoughts will be shared amongst themselves.   Therefore living and working quarters need to be changed, re-designed, our technology will assist.   Their industrial, commercial and financial systems will be removed, as none will be required.   The need to burn fossil fuels is now no longer needed, we will assist with the introduction of our power systems.   We will assist our subjects to develop the technology to create food, food available to all, food for free.   We will not dictate all new behaviour to our subjects as they will learn to adapt a new will, a new want and a new being.   They may choose to keep some aspects of their current existence, but only those aspects that are for the benefit of all and for their Resource.

The next 19 days will see the completion of our food production systems, the completion of our subject collections and the Resource re development and re creation.   On the 20th day our colleges arrive.



You are all about to receive new instruction…………

Your receiving your teachings well, so well in fact that we can now issue your new instructions.   You will all recognise your existence as occupants of Resource E36, you have all forgotten about your racial backgrounds and all reminders have been removed.   We will be presenting your with some new items of technology, those best suited to initially understand this new technology will be selected for training.   When you are competent you will share this new information with your fellow occupants.   This new technology will allow you to re shape your Resource into a new, more suitable abode.   The technology will also provide you with energy, energy for life, energy for light and heat.   We have completed the collection of genetic data of all known life types that have at some point in time inhabited your planet.   Although there will still be some collection notices issued, when received, respond.   With your new neighbourly, generous, understanding, responsible, intellectual beliefs you will be allowed to re-create your Resource into what you deem to be the best for all.   But please do be aware that when we depart, our colleges will arrive, they will monitor you Resource and its activity until such a time when you have attained a more lucid and intelligent mind that it is deemed that you are responsible members of a new community.   Don’t panic nor allow your brain to confuse you mind with this information regarding our colleges, with your continued teachings and mental development you will begin to understand the vastness and complex nature of Space, and will also become aware that you are not alone, and never have been and that a far wider and diverse community exists.   I have said enough, you have developed enough to understand this information, I appreciate some will find this uncomfortable, but awareness will build confidence.   Those subjects selected for technology training make your way to the nominated areas.

Now news regarding subject collection, some of you will notice that some occupants have not been returned to the population mass.   The reason for this is that they have highlighted special abilities and have become members of the oldest society known to all.   Those subjects belonging to the following associations make your way to the nominated collection zones:-

Tennis players
Marathon runners
Subjects who wear suits at least 5 times per week
Jaguar, Porsche boxter and Mercedes owners
Rude drivers
Subjects with the name of David Coulthard and Gary knight
Academics who’s self is deemed more important
Marketing and advertising gurus
CEO’s of multi national organisations whose contract includes a golden failure reward and that employs subjects that can receive remuneration of less than 3 previously recognised currency denomination units.
Those subjects who enjoy living in a modern estate build
Subjects who hold/influence/are associated with a dictatorial society
Wine snobs

You have all been selected for a greater existence, an existence of the oldest known order, do not be scared nor hold any pre conceived expectations as any and all will be shattered. You can expect to receive a new freedom, a freedom of mind.

Solitary message for rouge subject follows:   This communication is direct; you will have heard our announcement and no doubt will be in a state of un-sure, slightly concerned, bit worried and yet also intrigued bewilderment.   As you have been slower to receive and adapt to the teachings your consciousness is behind in mental intelligence, lucidity and growth and therefore you will not react with the same behaviour as your fellows.   You will also have seen a glimpse of what is real but you will have little comprehension of what you’ve seen.   We have sent you some items to assist with your understanding and to aid your discovery and direction.   Use them wisely.

Our colleges will introduce themselves in 19 days, between now and then you will receive concentrated teachings to help bring your intelligence level to that of your fellows.   You will find some experiences completely deny your most base human expectations, this will temporarily turn your conscious mind into a sponge and will only be able to provide enough basic information to allow your vital organs to survive rendering your conscious awake mind to that of a deep dream state while your brain and mind learn to accommodate the vast quantity of new data, you will also become weak but with items we have sent you will have all that you need.   On that note of need we are monitoring a large intact of a chemical known as THC into your system, as a reward for your ability to withstand the teachings we have sent you a tool we think you will appreciate in that your requirement to provide your own supply will become redundant.

Our colleges will identify themselves to you but will be unseen by your fellows during normal conditions.   Our colleges, know as Narabivas from the Nimuch Resource are a solitary being of peculiar behaviour even for Space standards.  They are particularly keen on fine modes of inter space and time transportation methods with a unbelievable urge to consume as much protein and yeast base food types as is possible to do so in a Narabivas’s life time of 50,000 Resource E36 Orbital completions!   They are also experts in the field of brain dissemination, Oh sorry erase, mind exploration and life type destiny modification.

You to will being noticing the changes to your climate, we have also given you tools to protect you, as with your mental development your physical conditioning is also behind your fellow and therefore you will require additional help to survive.   The fluids you have been consuming have been modified, the water content within has been replaced with artificial, and this has started to change your physical chemistry and your dietary requirements will be changing.   All this and more has been previously explained to your fellows within their teachings and they will be starting to modify the planet they and you inhabit, much will be strange to you but later all will become clear and obvious.   For now you are to learn of your new items and willingly/consciously commit time to understanding you present and future, we can see many changes approaching in your destiny, but some confusion exists within your individual route of which we do not fully understand.   Our colleges are better equipped to comprehend the confusion.   Your own decisions appear to be vital at these points of confusion, for why we not know.

Solitary message for rouge subject end.


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