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Day 14

From the offices of the supreme instructovisor
The pan-dimensional assimilation College of the Intra-where


Our esteemed co-operators,
Our thanks in abundance for your tireless efforts in the conversion of resource E36 in line with our requirements. From your current frame of reference we will be arriving early in order to test all aspects of a 4-D setting before the arrival of our initiates. As you are no doubt aware, we pride ourselves on delivering an advanced benefit portfolio by leveraging the innate core synergies that each member of our clan brings to the theatre of tactical operations. Surely the best quaD training course in the multiverse is worth making that extra-special sacrifice.

We have assimilated the collective knowledge you gathered from the previous occupants of E36 and can confirm that the 3mD SimpleDataMessage containing the information arrived intact and without any evidence of corruption. The ease with which you infiltrated and converted the indigenous population of this resource points to a lack of cohesion in their juvenile society. Perhaps if they had managed to make better use of their inate cooperative powers, they may have beean able to protect the highly valuable resource. It seems tragic irony that such a mindlessly futile group of individuals were endowed with a plentiful supply of the most sought-after compound in their galactic neighbourhood.

We are however left with some queries, possibly due to the confines of limited perception required to make any sense of the slim shadow of existence that is 4-D (or 3 and a half dimensions really since one of them appears linear).

please elucidate on

choice "square one" ocean
velocity now age
acceleration then pants

May we make a request upon your renound generosity : If you have available any instances of the pre-extant population with whom we could consult you would earn our deepest respect and all the comensurate benefits therein.

ah, thankyou, we have received the location data and crypto-keys. We are now able to communicate directly with your rogue subject via the [HAT] mechanism you have provided.

[HAT signal OK]


We the new custodians of this location are.

The meaning of the following concept explain please..


You have 20 seconds to comply.


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