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Day 2

I just couldn't get my head round it, it was all too much to take in, had I just surfaced from a distant dream state.  Slowly, as the fog in my mind began to clear, the dull thud of realisation hit me. The scenes I'd witnessed yesterday came tumbling down into my consciousness making a mild crunch as they snapped into a single coherent image.  

!! FUCK !! ...  ALIEN INVASION ... what the fuck am I doing standing here in my pants while the whole planet stands under the imminent threat of anihilation by hoards of intergalactic warrior bastards.  Arrrghhhhh....

stop it, calm down, get a grip, what's happening, what's that noise, is it in my head or is it outside, should I go to the window ??, what is it?, sounds like a hundred elephants driving tanks over a bottle factory.

Cautiously I picked my way through the semi darkness of the room to the window and with gritted teeth and eyes half closed I took hold of the single curtain and lifted the corner just enough to peer out through the lowest pane of glass, the cracked one I'd been meaning to fix.

Once I'd recovered from the searing pain of direct sunlight piercing my skull a curious scene began to emerge in the slow but persistent manner of a developing photograph.  I never really got what people meant when they said 'blind panic', now I understood.  In both directions I could see people, alot of them, not just the odd individual here and there but a sizeable selection of the local dominant species (at least they thought they were).  It was a mass of disperate desperates each locked in a personal struggle between running for the hills and being rooted to the spot by the terror of the unthinkable.  The street was littered with the aftershock of yesterday's revelation.

'We come in peace, do not be alarmed.'

Alarmed ??, these people had gone past alarmed, through basic fear, onto advanced horrification and ended up here, the final stop on this journey is ... running around like a headless chicken.

Satisfyingly fortunate then that I'd spent most of my life preparing for this moment otherwise I might have been staggering about like the generally confused population outside.  Our visitors from the galactic neighbourhood were a bit early true, I wasn't expecting them to make formal introductions until 2063, but it had finally happened, aliens from another planet, galaxy, ... err... universe, well, a long way away anyway, had parked their fleet of star craft somewhere in our stratosphere and announced to the entire population of the planet that it was about to be turned into a giant snack factory. OK, fine I can see why there could some who might not be totally won over by the idea, but sounds perfectly reasonable to me. If only I could communicate with them, If only I knew what they were thinking, what was going on high above me in their absurdly huge command vessel, it's superstructure casting a 10 mile shadow over the suburban wastelands of Bozeman, Montanna.

There must be a way to let them know I'm here and that I'm not alarmed, even if their version of 'come in peace' does result in the small problem of destroying life on earth as we know it.  Time to go up in the loft and dig out the UVEHF radio gear......

meanwhile back on board our visitors flag ship ....


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