Brighton Restaurants

The Troll's Pantry

Tel : none | Now at the Hobgoblin, 31 York Place.

Ever since I heard about the Troll's Pantry and their Trollcano chilli cheese burger I knew I had to try it. Then I became a regular customer and now I'm an addict. The Trollcano became the wildfire which became the Hellfire (available in 3 chilli strength levels - all good) and I'm still working my way through the menu. There's lots of other flavours and styles to choose from as well though. Every burger is lovingly created with high quality ingredients and imaginative extras on top. As an example, the last burger I tried (the Shaman) included, among other delights, smoked cheese, honey bacon jam. beetroot & khol rabi slaw. The aged longhorn beef is amazing, the brioche buns are pretty much perfect and along side all that there's a properly thought through vegetarian section.

What more can I say? - go and see for yourself and if there's a better burger in Brighton, I want to know about it.

Menu : Burgers of Love

Food 10/10
Service 10/10
Atmo 1/10
Vege 5/10
Alco no
Total 65%