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Terre á Terre

Tel : 729051 | 71 East St

Terre á Terre continues to offer the highest standard of vegetarian dining available anywhere in Brighton and, as far as I can tell, any where in the U.K. apart perhaps from David Bann in Edinburgh. The menu is imaginative and changes at least twice a year. Highlights have included Yabba Jabba Beefy Tea, Cucumber bavarois and Himmel und Erde. More lyrical dishes have also appeared on the menu such as Tiger Brick and rain vodka cherry cioccolata churros. More recent examples are exemplified by Kibbi Our Soles and Takka D'Otta, the latter of which is described as ... Rassam rammed Froo Froos and aloo tikki stuffed with green tomato and fat date chatni, served with tamarind and capsicum sas vermicelli, mango taza salad of fried usal finished with nariyal hot toddy,ginger joos ice and amchoor naan filled with cashew and sultana maraba.... I won't say anything more about the adjective adiction of the menu, ultimately, it doesn't matter as anything you choose will be fantastic. The wine list makes interesting reading as well, populated with vegetarian, vegan and bio-dynamic wines which are in many cases far superior to their chemically enhanced neighbours. Whatever you go for, try the hoisin tofu along with your starter, it's the best tofu ever and for me sums up the entire Terre á Terre experience : Unique Excellence.

Terre á Terre was winner of Homer's Golden Doughnut Award 2002.

Menu : Over elaborately described unique vegetarian and vegan with very serious dessert creations.

Food 10/10
Service 9/10
Atmo 9/10
Vege 10/10
Alco 8/10
Total 92%