Brighton Restaurants

Red Snapper

Tel : 778866 | 90 Dyke Road, Seven Dials |

Does Brighton need another Thai ressy ? Does Seven Dials need 2 ? Well, yes. The best aspect of Brighton Thai is the range. PedPed and King & I for the top end authentic, Shada for the cheap and cheerful and little Buddha for the empty BYO. Red Snapper fits in well because it bridges the gap. It's cheap and it's basic but it's also authentic and provides the essential differentiator. In this case it's the fish theme that sets Red Snapper apart from its' rivals. Fine fish it is too. The snapper copes well with the harsh treatment of battering, frying, lime-leafing and dunking in curry sauce. As for the true veggies among us, there's no need to worry as the accomodating staff offer every dish with a tofu option even though the menu doesn't.
So, although R.S. lies in the realms of the curry kitchen, the extra touches, the depth of flavour and the the added menu dimension lift this Thai out of the background noise and into favoured status.