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Mermaid Cafe

Tel : +353 1 670 8236 | 69-70 Dame Street,
| last visit : November 2005

imperial cityAfter finding this place completely by accident a few years ago and just managing to get squeezed in for a table, Mermaid has become more than just a good restaurant to visit when in Dublin, it's actually one of many reasons to go there.  The menu hits all the right notes, local sourcing, traditional with twists, big flavours, quality ingredients etc.  What makes it stand out is the flair.   This is a relatively tiny tightly spaced establishment but it really delivers the goods.  Last visit, the antipasti was special and the venison was spectacular with garlic adding a deliciously smokey scent.  Go to Dublin, have a perfect pint in the Stag and wander over the road to the Mermaid.  Make sure you book first, word is well and truly out for this one.

Food 9/10
Service 8/10
Atmo 8/10
Vege 8/10
Alco 8/10
Total 82%