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Tel : 020 7588 5043 | 45 London Wall, EC2M 5TE | last visit : February 2006

mehekMehek has become the archetypal city curry house.  Central location, high standards, and good reputation make it possible to fill this place most nights.  There's a small degree of style over content, it's not quite as good as it looks but it looks very good indeed.  I can't fault the food or service at all, both deliver exactly what you'd expect.  The wine list is a bit sparse but it's still possible to find something perfectly acceptable.  Success is possibly causing problems and when it's busy, you feel a bit like an item on a production line but the place is well run and the staff are efficient and friendly.  Atomosphere is always a problem in the city, mainly due to the banking bellies who are inescapable in the eateries round here.  Mehek is bright and lively though and a popular choice for group outings both at lunchtime and in the evening.  Probably one of the best city indians, highly recommended.

Food 8/10
Service 8/10
Atmo 7/10
Vege 9/10
Alco 7/10
Total 78%