Brighton Restaurants

Latin in the Lane

Tel : 328672 | 10-11 Kings Road | last visit : April 2004

Forget the rest, if you want to go to an Italian restaurant in Brighton, go here. If you're a seafood fan then ignore all the other fishy eateries as well. Formed by the mergeing of neighbouring Greek and Italian restaurants and families, Latin is a gem of a discovery. The sort of place where the most experienced visitors and locals are to be found deliberating over the epic menu. This is what I think of as a proper Italian restaurant, relaxed yet classy and serious about food and service. Really should go there more often !

End of an era ?
My heart is broken, Latin is to be no more. One of the last bastions of of brighton properness is soon to grant its last diner the pleasure of sitting down to a traditional Italian restaurant experience with the added delights of fabulous fish. Perhaps no-one else will miss it, but surely I can't be the only ressy man who appreciates such dedication to the cause of preofessional restraunteurism.
I've never had anything but praise for this old school brighton classic. The rarity value of going out for a perfect meal cannot be understated. Oh Latin, I'm going to miss you so so much. The new pretenders can come and go but you'll always occupy a special spot in my heart.