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Tel : 0871 4263677 |  76-77 Watling Street, London, EC4M 9BJ | last visit : February 2007

bleedin' heartThere is only one essential rule for a successful lunch at Kurumaya.  You must be in before 12:10 to get a seat.  Seriously, any later and you are going to be queuing while you wait for me to finish six sushi plates.  You could of course head downstairs to the proper restaurant but the Kaiten conveyor belt's where the action's at.  Compared to it's chain rivals, this one's small but perfectly formed.  Intimate too with the three chefs crammed in the tiny triangle in the middle of the dining arena.  A typical browse would include at least some slightly squidgy gyoza, a few slices of tuna sashimi, a crab or octopus rice roll or two, a breaded chick, a prawn tempura and perhaps a pork skewer to finish off the most avid of gannets.  I've probably missed out some star dishes, but that's what the next visit is for.  I've been returning here twice a week for months now and the quality is as consistent as the chopping speed of the expert knifemen in the middle.