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Tel : + 353 1 677 099941 South Great George's St, Dublin | last visit : June 2002

tazIn a city so successfully devoted to eating and drinking, the ressy count is massive.  However, the curry is not king in Ireland as it is across the water so finding a quality purveyor of the essential spices of life is not as simple a matter as it should be.  All of which makes stumbling across Jaipur, quickly reading the window menu and dashing inside even more of a perfect piece of good fortune.  It's probably five years or more since my last visit but I can still remember much of the detail of this little gem.  The posh pickles to start, the outstanding green fish tikka starter, the cool air conditioned decor, the efficient staff and the slightly excited atmosphere created by diners who know they're in for a treat.  Even without alot of competition to keep them on their toes, Jaipur manages to succeed at the posh indian game remarkably well.
Uncover this jewel in Dublin's crown and come back and tell me that it hasn't lost its charms.

Food 9/10
Service 8/10
Atmo 7/10
Vege 9/10
Alco 7/10
Total 80%