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Hotel du Vin

Tel : 718588 | Ship St |

It is instantly apparent that some serious pounds have been spent on turning this site into a very posh and very contemporary boutique hotel. Perhaps the plan is to recover the costs via the menu in the in-house french bistro. So, is it all worth it ? I'd say yes for the interior design of the hotel, bar and restaurant. Yes for the wine and bar lists which are truly extensive. Yes for the quality of the food. A definite maybe for the menu itself which sticks a little too rigidly to the bistro rule book. And unfortunately, No for the service but only because it didn't quite deliver where it matters.
If you want to give your wallet a workout then why not spend it on a trip through the Hotel du Vin wine list with steak/salmon/risotto/a.n.other bistro clasic followed by a 60 quid shot of cognac.

Menu : Standard French Bistro fare, with the best drinks list ever.

Food 9/10
Service 6/10
Atmo 7/10
Vege 7/10
Alco 10/10
Total 78%