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Green Planet

Tel : +31 20625 82 |  Spuistraat 122, Amsterdam | last visit : September 2005

grpSimply stunning, I was almost lost for words before the main course even arrived.  When the bread and dips you have as an appetiser convince you that you've made a great find then you're going to be happy for the rest of your stay no matter what.  Fresh sparkling ingredients, served simply with all the effort gone into the thought process behind the menu leaving the execution easy and delicious.  Check the website for opening times as I got caught out on the first attempt but was extremely glad I persisted and went the next day.  Then pleasure turned to perplexed shock when the bill arrived.  You can spend alot on food in Amsterdam, but not in Green Planet.  The bill for two very satisfied and slightly drunk diners was a little over 50 Euro, surely there must be some kind of mistake, but no, on top of excellent good taste it's also a bargain !

Food 9/10
Service 8/10
Atmo 7/10
Vege 10/10
Alco 7/10
Total 82%