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Dux de Lux

Tel : +64 3 366 6919 and 3 442 9688 | Christchurch and Queenstown, New Zealand | last visit : February 2004

ricThis canteen turned restaurant concept proves that informality works well.  The simple, honest food is incredibly popular in Christchurch, especially with the large student population.  Slight modifications are required for the sceptical foreigners in Queenstown however but this just shows how a fledgling chain can be flexible to the requirements of its customers.  As everywhere on these islands the fish is excellent quality and cooked with flair and imagination.  Pizzas are pretty good too, stone baked, crispy bases, bloody huge, very popular.  The locations of both branches are good for business sitting as they do in towns which have lots of hungry punters but a slight lack of eating options.  Dux de Lux fits the bill for a quick snack or a night out so they can't really go wrong

Food 8/10
Service 8/10
Atmo 8/10
Vege 8/10
Alco 7/10
Total 78%