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Due South

Tel : 821218 | 139 Kings Road Arches |

A highly organic, locally sourced, fresh out of the ground, brilliantly set, perfectly executed, imaginatively designed, well presented, top quality eatery in a fairly unlikely seafront location. I could go on but it wasn't just the fact they gave us the best table in the place (see above) or that all the staff were as friendly as you like, or just that the zapping fresh flavours in every item right down to the just-picked salad leaves made each dish a treat. Or even that the wine list was just the right price, range and length, or even yet that there's a 30 yr old cognac on the menu. It was all of the above and more.

Menu : Local organic meats with locally caught fish and the freshest possible veg and leaf. Puddings are english with a slightly fruity twist.

Due South well deserves the title of Best Newcomer and in fact has won the golden doughnut for 2004.

Food 9/10
Service 10/10
Atmo 10/10
Vege 8/10
Alco 9/10
Total 96%