Brighton Restaurants


Tel : 220220 | Dyke Road, Seven Dials | last visit : September 2006

The Brighton Tapas selection was in need of a new item on the menu and Dali's has risen to the challenge very well. We like tapas, we like Spanish food, we like paella and rioja. It's simple and it's sociable. So why is it so difficult to find a good purveyor and why does it get done so badly so often ? The solution to this problem used to be Casa don Carlos and if you're a purist who absolutely insists on checked tablecloths and a larger than life host then Casa it is. Alternatively, if you just want quality tapas including the old favourites but with a few more adventurous dishes then try Dali's. I won't enumerate the individual dishes or analyse the menu apart from highlighting the white anchivies (Boquerones) which were totally excellent. No need for detail because the one point on which everyone agreed was that we'd had a really good night ; we enjoyed our evening. Lots of fine food selections, a decent bottle of Albarino, cheery, friendly staff and finished off with a more than reasonable bill. What's not to like.