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Tel : 730850 | 5 Hove Manor Parade, Hove St | last visit : July 2005

The first three things that strike you in no particular order on arrival at Coriander are the ecclectic mix of mediterranean furniture ; the remote location in deepest, darkest hove ; and, on the occasion of my first visit, the complete lack of punters.  This unfortunately may account for the price hike to cover the costs syndrome.  Hove folk only go out to eat at weekends - it's tradition. 

These minor gripes aside, all other aspects were superb.  The menu reads well and hits the balance point between innovaton and hyperbole perfectly.  It's short and to the point but every dish is a tempting winner.  The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, the wine is serious quality but at a reasonable price, the food is well executed and shows a careful balance of flavours.  Perhaps the atmosphere is too hippy for hove - I hope not.

Menu : well read African / Med

Could Coriander be a contender for the 2005 golden donut award ?
[edit] Congratulations to Coriander for winning 2005's golden donut. Don't let us down :o}

Food 10/10
Service 9/10
Atmo 6/10
Vege 8/10
Alco 9/10
Total 84%