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Tel : +27 21 438 0782 |  37 The Drive, Camps Bay, South Africa | last visit : January 2005

ricIf you're in Camps Bay then you can take you pic of ressys.  There's a slight variation in quality and price but in this playboys' plaground it's all pretty good.  Codfather is a cut above in one respect though as it's a specialist rather than a general eatery trying to be all things to all people and changing it's focus with the vagueries of prevailing fashion.  No need for a menu even as instead you get a whole fishmongers display to choose from and you can order cuts of the larger fish by the inch.  It's quite easy to go totally overboard so my advice would be to start with the incredible tiger langoustine and keep choosing more and bigger fish till they start giving you funny looks.

Food 9/10
Service 8/10
Atmo 7/10
Vege 6/10
Alco 7/10
Total 74%