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Chez Bruce

Tel : 020 8672 0114 | 2 Bellevue Road, SW17 7EG | last visit : February 2005

imperial cityThere really isn't a great deal to say about Chez Bruce.  It thoroughly deserves its rubber star, everything is pretty much perfect which doesn't leave any room for debate, no struggling over whether the price tag was worth it, no gripes about the menu (it's clear and un-fussy) or the service (perfect professionals) or the atmosphere (warm, quiet but not stuffy).  Nothing, it's all just right.  The greatest achievement here is to run a absolute top quality restaurant without a hint ot pretension.  I will just mention the cheese basket, there must have been 25 cheeses, all perfectly kept and ready for sampling, the staff knew what was what and they were all fine examples.  I stopped at around seven but could have ploughed through the lot if it wasn't for the shame of it.

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Food 10/10
Service 10/10
Atmo 9/10
Vege 4/10
Alco 10/10
Total 86%