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Blue Ice Cafe

Tel : +64 3 752 0707 | Main Rd,
Franz Josef, New Zealand | last visit : February 2004

ricAnother gourmet surprise which made me think that even the smallest, most remote town in New Zealand has at least one quality ressy.  Blue Ice is pretty upmarket and caters for the older richer Franz Josef tourist by making a tentative venture into classical cooking.  As everywhere here, the wine is fine and the food is fresh and simple.  The coast is visible from the top of the glacier so it's no surprise the seafood is worth sampling but the menu is short. Not a problem since most people are just passing through anyway, even so they'll remember Blue Ice with favour.

Food 8/10
Service 7/10
Atmo 7/10
Vege 6/10
Alco 8/10
Total 72%