Brighton Restaurants

Blanch House

Tel : 603504 | 17 Atlingworth Street | last visit : January 2003

A relative newcommer to the higher slopes of the Brighton restaurant landscape and it's straight in to the top 5 due to its inviting menu and ultra-high food quality. The dining room sits at the back of the bar and hotel which make up the rest of this anonymous section of the terrace tucked away off St George's Road in Kemptown. The building's interior is designed in such stunning contrast to its street face that you are instantly transported from the B&B sector of the Brighton seaside into a '90s Islington haunt for champagne socialists. The menu we sampled included two vegetarian starters and mains along side five or six dishes for omnivores. Whatever the ingredients though, all our selections were both designed and executed with the upmost professionalism resulting in seriously fine dining. This is fusion/brit-med/nouvelle (choose your own ridiculous pigeon hole) at its best, no need for pretention when the food really is this good.

Menu : ultra moden fashionista style rabbit risotto

Food 9/10
Service 8/10
Atmo 7/10
Vege 6/10
Alco 9/10
Total 78%