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Bill's Produce Store

Tel : 692894 | 100 North Road |

Served Straight Up.

Having read the other reviews of this little gem, it's become apparent that it is in fact impossible to write about it without using the word cornucopia. In this matter, I am, of course, no exception. Maybe they would have named the shop thus if it wasn't the second incarnation of the existing business in Lewes and if there wasn't already a shop on Queens road with that name.

Anyway, onwards to the meat of the matter. A combined cornucopia of organic veg, packed produce incorporating a cool cafe greats you as you peer round the front door of the old bus depot turned dodgy car park on North Road. A very cool cafe at this time of year, in fact bloody freezing, so much so that the staff are even handing out hot water botles to the shivering punters. The excellent strong coffee helps here though as does the everso slightly off beat breakfast menu and the tempting specials on the hanging boards overhead.

This well tuned concept is already a proven success with the original Lewes outlet and it's ideal for Brighton's North Laine. Those buying the products to take away will likely come back to sit down in the cafe. Those sampling the breakfast specials and larger lunches are surrounded by tempting arrays of bright fresh fruit and veg and are quite likely to stock up on their way out.

The overall theme here is honesty ; scrubbed wood furniture, concrete floor, exposed ducting and a fully open professional kitchen add to the friendly staff and quirky payment system ; they take your name, you go and pay, there's no bill at Bills.