Jamaica Inn St. Michaels Alley, Off Corn Hill, London, EC3V 9DS

Old Dr Butlers Head 12-24 Masons Avenue, London, EC2V 5BT

A. says : One of the few pubs with outdoor potential. Quite a nice restaurant area downstairs.

R. says : Too well known, certainly not for the range of drinks though.

AR says : Old, warm lager, how the hell did it win Evening Standard best pub of the year? Not bad outside though

A. says : A well poured and quickly served cool pint of guinness in historical surroundings.

R. says : Great little boozer, fine real ales in a hidden alley.

New Moon 88, Gracechurch St, London, EC3V 0DN

Red lion (Lombard)

A. says : Basic pub but standing outside in Leadenhall market is sort of nice sometimes.

R. says : Oh god the memories! No phone reception and serves pizza hut pizzas!!

AR says : Trying too hard to be modern - stick with the real ale

A. says :

R. says :

Old Ship Talbot Court, off Gracechurch St, London EC2

The Swan 77-80 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0AS

A. says : tiny, well hidden boozer makes it an interesting find.

AR. agrees

A. says : Even tinier but worth a look if you can squeeze in.

R. says :

The John Keats at Moorgate Moorfields EC2

The Rack and Tenter 45 Moorfields

A. says : Nicer than the Globe in the same building

R. says : nice quiet pub. Good Guinness. Handy exit both ends of pub

A. says : “Have you ever been to a harvester before!” outside area though.

R. says : Outdoor area, probably gets packed on sunny days, regular new bar I can see us visiting again

Woodins Shades
212, Bishopsgate

Railway Tavern 15, Liverpool St London EC2M 7NX

AR. says : Letchy city types

A. says : Horrible station pub

AR. says : rubbish, but not abad little bar stuck on the side

Kings Arms
27, Wormwood St

The Puzzle
128-148, Bishopgate

A. says : Changed for the worse – warm guinness but good for pool players

R. says : Nice outdoor area, food good, drinks gone downhill

AR says : going down hill fast

A. says :

R. says :

The Crispin
3, Finsbury Avenue,Wilson St

The Lord Aberconway
73, Old Broad St

A. says : broadgate wierdness – go to the Fleetwood instead

AR. says : Warmer lager than the Jamaica Inn - moody staff and weird regulars

A. says : scary, villainous, old style boozer

AR. says : for the local heroin addicts who don't mind walking on sticky carpet

Liverpool St

O'Neill's Irish Bar
64, London Wall

A. says : stupid stripey suit bar

AR. says : good for one thing - the St. George Cross ashtrays!

A. says : Nice, (for an O'Neill's)

R. says : Handy bar with good table service for that lazy Guinness drinker, err, me

The Fleetwood
36, Wilson St

The Globe

A. says : A bit too modern but generally OK

AR. says : food quite poor, modern, but generally ok for booze

A. says : very busy part of the city

R. says : Smokey smelly bar, good beer range just not well poured!

AR says : too smokey, rubbish lager last time I was in there

The Bull
4-5, Devonshire Row

The Red Lion
1, Eldon St

A. says : dusty, small, but OK

AR. says : dingy, not much seating, food average, lager ok

A. says : The site of many long lunches !

R. says : Good all round city pub. Fine food and good range of beers. Difficult to better it!

AR says : food reasonable, lager cold, smaller than it appears, good hideaway upstairs if you can get in, can be seen too easily off the street though!

Dirty Dick's
202, Bishopsgate

The Broadgate Exchange
2, Exchange Square

A. says : overpriced and rubbish

AR. says : downstairs ok, street level bar quite poor

A. says :

AR. says : ok outdoors, but v.popular because of this, has taken 20 mins to get a drink before on hot days - lager not up to much either - good for watching the girls though

Scottish Pound
50, London Wall

12, New St

A. says : small pub, big windows

R. says : Nice sunny day ground floor bar, Guinness not so wonderful.

AR says : yawn

A. says : good boozer, dodgy locals

AR. says : Good boozer but expensive - food ok

The White Hart
119-121, Bishopsgate

First & Last(Broadgate)
175, Bishopsgate

A. says : terrible upstairs, better in the basement

AR. agrees.

A. says :

R. says :

The Toucan and Three Crowns - 5 Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8DU

The Arbitrager 27a, Throgmorton St, London, EC2N 2AN

A. says : Really good downstairs guinness pub

R. says : Quiet classic city pub, nice range of beers.

A. says : Dublin Guinness – yes.

R. says : Time gentlemen please, for another fine Guinness!

AR says : best Guinness apparently - ok lager too

The Golden Fleece 8-9 Queen St London EC4N 1SP

Williamson's Tavern 1 Groveland Court, Off Bow Lane, London, EC4M 9EH

A says : proper city boozer – like it

R says :

A. says : very nicely tucked away out of site.

R. says : Badly poured guinness

The Hamilton

AR says : got any spare change mate ?